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特集記事 Special article

Special article East Hokkaido Map of Ice Cream and Milk 特集記事 ひがし北海道 アイスクリームと牛乳マップ

Eastern Hokkaido is a major dairy farming area. Delicious raw milk is produced from dairy cows that feed on nutrient-rich grass grown on the vast pastures. Do not forget to try the fresh milk and ice cream made of this high-quality raw milk from Eastern Hokkaido.


Tokachi Kinagoromo Soft 十勝きなごろもソフト
  • 1 Tokachi Kinagoromo SoftRyugetsu Sweetpia Garden 十勝きなごろもソフト(柳月スイートピアガーデン)

    Soft-serve ice cream of aromatic kinako (soybean flour) flavor with toppings of kinako mochi (rice cake), brown sugar syrup, and mashed sweet Tokachi Azuki beans.


    Tokachi Kinagoromo Soft 十勝きなごろもソフト
  • 2 Tokachi Milk(soft serve)Tokachi Toteppo Factory 十勝ミルク(十勝トテッポ工房)

    The refreshing taste of Tokachi fresh milk will make you want to eat more than one serving.


    Tokachi Milk(soft serve) 十勝ミルク
  • 3 Yotsuba Specialty MilkYotsuba Dairy Co. 特選よつ葉牛乳(よつ葉乳業株式会社)

    Using only Tokachi raw milk, it is sterilized and packed at the factory in Tokachi in order to keep its high quality.


    Yotsuba Specialty Milk 特選よつ葉牛乳

    Sold in Tokachi Marche located in Obihiro Fujimaru Department B1.

  • 4 Chikudai MilkObihiro University ofAgriculture and Veterinary Medicine 畜大牛乳(帯広畜産大学)

    It's produced from the raw milk milked by students from dairy cows raised at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.This flavorful and delicious milk is made by a special method of ultra-high temperature sterilization.


    Chikudai Milk 畜大牛乳

    Sold in Tokachi Marche located in Obihiro Fujimaru Department B1.

  • 5 Tancho Soft CreamRoadside Station Akan Tancho no Sato 丹頂ソフトクリーム(道の駅阿寒丹頂の里)

    Soft-served ice cream with syrup of red paprika produced in Kushiro which goes well with the rich cream.The snow-white ice cream and red paprika sauce represent Tancho (red-crowned crane).


    Tancho Soft Cream 丹頂ソフトクリーム
  • 6 Premium Soft CreamCoop Hamanaka プレミアムソフトクリーム(コープはまなか)

    Soft-served ice cream made of Takanashi 4.0 Milk which is also the raw material of Haagen-Dazs products.The highest quality milk produced at the farm in Hamanaka will bring you the rich flavor of Haagen-Dazs.(Only sold from the beginning of May to Mid-October)


    Premium Soft Cream プレミアムソフトクリーム
  • 7 Gelato Soft CreamAkesato Ito Farm Restaurant ATTOKO ジェラートソフトクリーム(明郷 伊藤☆牧場 レストランATTOKO)

    Soft-served ice cream made of the pasteurized milk, which is produced in its own ranch, will give you joy of fully tasting the richness.


    Gelato Soft Cream ジェラートソフトクリーム
  • 8 Ushino Oppai MilkWatanabe Experience Farm 牛のおっぱいミルク(渡辺体験牧場)

    It is milked from cows grazing peacefully with less stress in Mashu grassland.The milk is filled with the tenderness of mother cows, and it's carefully processed and packed.


    Ushino Oppai Milk 牛のおっぱいミルク
  • 9 Rimo’s gelatoRimo RIMOのジェラート(RIMO)

    It's a popular store that won the world championship in Italy, the home of gelato, twice.Using Abashiri milk and seasonal ingredients, it provides more than 60 different flavors.Go find your own favorite flavor!


    Rimo’s gelato RIMOのジェラート
  • 10 Camembert Cheese SoftHigashimokoto Nyurakukan カマンベールチーズソフト(ひがしもこと乳酪館)

    Luxury soft-served ice cream made of the locally produced milk with camembert cheese added.What makes this ice cream is so popular is its rich yet mellow flavor.It's not only delicious but also contains peptides that are good for health and beauty, which makes it quite popular among women.


    Camembert Cheese Soft カマンベールチーズソフト
  • 11 Ryu-hyo Soft CreamOkhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum 流氷ソフトクリーム(オホーツク流氷館)

    Ryu-hyo (drift ice) Soft Cream is salted caramel soft-serve ice cream using the salt of the Sea of Okhotsk.It's colored in blue using natural pigments derived from seaweed, and the color enhances the beauty giving accent to the caramel flavor.


    Ryu-hyo Soft Cream 流氷ソフトクリーム
  • 12 Okhotsk Abashiri MilkOkhotsk Dairy Farmers オホーツクあばしり牛乳(オホーツクデイリーファーマーズ)

    High-quality milk pasteurized and produced at a ranch in Abashiri.It's the local favorite and can be purchased at local supermarkets and Michi no Eki (roadside rest area) "Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri.” 


    Okhotsk Abashiri Milk オホーツクあばしり牛乳